Clutch Dry Fast Shammy (2 Pack)

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Clutch Dry Fast Shammy (2 Pack)

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  • Made with durable PVA material, this chamois towel works like a super absorbent sponge cloth to soak up water fast.

  • Pre-soaked and durable chamois

  • Glides and absorbs water with ease

  • Made with PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol) which provides an excellent ability to lift moisture

  • Suitable for automotive and household applications


    - In addition to being soft and smooth, when you dry a surface, the Absorbent PVA Chamois enables you to complete the job quickly, leaving the area spot free, without any streaking.


- Unlike genuine leather chamois, there is no need to pre-dampen this product before use. Simply wipe wet surface in small sections at a time, wringing out excess water as needed.

- After use, rinse chamois with water and wring out excess. Always store your chamois moist in this container.

- It will harden if left out to dry. To re-soften simply soak in water.

- If it starts to discolor or become dirty, wash in the washing machine at a low temperature


- Do not use bleach or fabric softeners


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